Originally founded as a Japanese bicycle manufacturing company (Nichibei Trading) in 1899, Fuji is one of the oldest surviving bicycle brands in the world. Fuji's steadfast philosophy in utilizing the most advanced technology and incorporating elite athlete input into its high-performance products has enabled the brand to endure while others have faltered. Fuji expanded to the United States market in the 1970s and stormed onto the international racing scene in the '80s, with the likes of Olympic gold medalists Mark Gorski and Connie Paraskevin. Today, Fuji has joined forces with parent company Advanced Sports International (ASI) to become a truly global cycling brand. Building on a legacy of firsts dating back to Japan's first Olympic cycling appearances in the 1920s, sponsorship of the first U.S. women's road racing team (Fuji-Suntour) in the '70s, and numerous world championship and national titles over the past century, Fuji's pinnacle moment came in 2011 when Juan Jose Cobo earned the brand its first-ever grand tour victory at the Vuelta a Espana


In 1971, Fuji entered the U.S. market emphasizing expert engineering and performance at an affordable price - competing against premium-priced Italian brands that offered no discernible racing advantage. Fuji flourished during the '70s and early '80s but lost direction after missing the mountain bike boom and over-relying on "big box" retail. In 1998, ASI purchased Fuji, shifted distribution to independent specialty bicycle shops, and Fuji engineers re-focused on innovation worthy of discerning customers. Today, Fuji goes head-to-head with the best bicycle brands in the world; in Bicycling Magazine's 2013 Readers' Choice Issue, readers ranked Fuji as one of their Top 5 Favorite Bicycle Brands. From all-carbon road racers and full-suspension MTBs to aerodynamic tri bikes, nimble cross racers, and stylish beach cruisers, the Fuji brand is as complete a family of products as any on the market - with bikes for every rider and every lifestyle.


Fuji's logo and "Conquer Your Mountain" tagline - which plays off of Mt. Fuji (the Japanese symbol of strength and resilience for which the brand was named) - is a call to action for riders, retailers, and all fans of Fuji. "Your Mountain" doesn't just stand for the climb you face on your weekly ride; it's any obstacle that stands in your way. Fuji seeks to motivate its riders to confront and overcome their daily obstacles - whether it's attaining fitness goals, living a greener lifestyle, or quite literally climbing cycling's most notorious mountain passes.


Fuji's success is based upon an innovative design and research process that allows the brand to develop products based on the performance needs of its sponsored professional athletes and then apply that technology to every type of ride. Fuji brings together engineers, mechanics, and pro riders utilizing the racing arena as a laboratory for developing world-class bikes at the leading edge of technology. Each bike that Fuji creates goes through years of conceptual work, prototype building, and testing before ever reaching a consumer. From the initial sketches, 3-D CAD drawings, and RPT samples to wind tunnel tests, a final frame design, and an opening of the mold, the final step and biggest test is when we ask our pros to put it through the toughest conditions possible: cobblestones, 17-percent grade mountain passes, descents at 60mph, cornering on a dime, and sprinting with so much torque that bio-mechanics specialists shake their heads in awe. That's when we know we're ready to bring the product to market.