Cicli Regina: year of birth 1978

Special features: high quality standards.

The essence of the Regina brand is summarized in two key concepts: the importance of the "Made in Italy" branding, as an absolute guarantee of quality, and the meticulous attention to detail, that gives the products an unmistakable personality.

Research and reliability aimed at reaching the highest levels of safety are important factors for the company, and the only strategy capable of underlining the importance of the “Made in Italy” branding, as well as defending it against the threat of the acceptance of low cost markets. By anticipating trends and by investing resources in testing, the Regina brand is now able to offer a vast array of bicycles specifically designed for demanding and attentive users, by highly qualified technicians of great professionalism and international experience. For each model of bike, Regina designs the geometries, sizes and all supplied equipments and accessories, in order to make the Regina bikes practical, comfortable, efficient and, above all, safe.

Special attention is devoted to components and accessories of the bicycles of the Junior line, carefully selecting its partners, and applying very strict criteria in the choice of plastic materials, preferring water-based coating and limiting potentially harmful solvents in full respect of the user and the environment.

The history of the brand is a combination of tradition and innovation. The Regina products are supported by a solid know-how of data and experiences. Great attention is also devoted to the sales network by choosing among its resellers the best specialized bicycle shops, and supporting them on a dialy basis thanks to a proven team of employees, so as to offer an impeccable Customer Service. Regina puts a strong accent on its italian perfection: all the factories are located in Italy, with a concentration in the Romagna area, where - thanks to a ten-year long scouting activity - a qualified team of technicians and mechanics with extensive experience and professionalism is located.