Leading Figure: Olympic Victor Sabine Spitz
She is regarded as the figurehead of German mountain bike sports and one of the world's most successful mountain bikers. "She" is Sabine Spitz, Olympic winner, World Champion, and several times German champion. In the Sabine Spitz-Haibike Pro Team she is implementing an exciting concept together with her husband Ralf Schäuble, which unites sporting success simultaneously with a cautious development of new young talent.

Achieving More Together
"Ultimately, the idea behind the concept is to achieve more together", ex-
plains Ralf Schäuble. It's true than in every contest the individual must achieve his performance individually, but we are convinced that the avail-
able performance potential can only be optimally exploited within a
perfectly-organized team structure."

Fresh Young Talent
The talented new team members – presently Katrin Stirnemann (CH) and Tereza Hurikova (CZ), who will compete alongside Sabine at world level this year - play a decisive role in this process. Their impressive success despite their youth shows the bikers' potential.

Don't Demand – Advance
But those who are engaged in professional MTP racing sport know how difficult the tug-of-war is between personal development and the enormous drive for success. Here, the Central‐Haibike ProTeam wants to consciously follow another path: "We don't measure the value of cooperation primarily by racing results, says Felix Puello, Haibike Brands Manager. "From our point of view that would be too shortsighted an approach. "As a brand, we are highly motivated, we want success. But not at any price. Therefore I think we fit together well with Sabine and the team."

Maximal Performances – But No Doping!
This is not just an attitude but a clear declaration that overlaps with a sensitive matter: Doping. Sabine Spitz has not only had a clear stance on this since the doping scandals of the past few years. On the contrary, she has argued from the beginning for doping-free sport. Both the entire team and all partners and sponsors involved support this stand un- reservedly.

Sporting Goals:
The successes of recent years provide both a motivation and a claim. In the foreground are medals and participation in international champion- ships as well as podium places at the World Cup. In doing so, the team should distinguish itself by team determination. The aim is to be re- presented by another medal candidate apart from Sabine Spitz at the Olympic Games in London in 2012.